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Feb 24, 2020

On this episode of the podcast I am joined by my good friend Brian Broderick.

We are diving deep into bow hunting for whitetail buck deers.

Conversation revolves around gear and strategies that have proven effective for us over our combined 55+ years bow hunting experience.

Thanks for listening.


Feb 18, 2020

On this episode of the podcast we are defining the phrase "Shooting the Shit".

The whole crew's in the studio on a Friday night. We are throwing back a few cold ones and basically conversing as if we were sitting around a campfire at a good ole deer camp.

Thanks for listening.


Feb 12, 2020

On this episode of the podcast I'm joined by the full crew in studio. We are conversing on the subject of GUN HUNTING. 

Gun hunting seems like its gotten a bad wrap as of late and we are not going to stand for it. We are breaking down our tactics, weapons of choice and speaking up for the reasons we love to...

Feb 5, 2020

On this weeks episode I'm sharing a conversation recorded a few weeks back on my good friend Jeff Lipple's podcast "The Hunt Camp Podcast". 

Jordan Browne is a host and producer of Michigan out of Doors television as well as outstanding deer hunter. If you enjoy deer hunting, outdoor television and some great...