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Aug 27, 2021

Mark Kenyon of Wired to Hunt joins the podcast this week for the second installment of the listener Q&A.

We are starting where we left off last week and answering the questions submitted by the audience via our Instagram and Facebook page.

We finish this weeks episode off with a few personal questions I had for Mark in...

Aug 20, 2021

On this weeks episode I am joined by Byron from The Whitetail Experience.

We are answering listener submitted questions in part 1 of what will likely be a 3 part series.

Big thanks to everyone that submitted a question and thanks for listening!

The Whitetail Experience


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Aug 13, 2021

On this weeks episode I am joined by my good friend and deer hunting enthusiast Jared Scheffler

Jared is the creator of and has been producing Whitetail Adrenaline for over 14 years now. He has without a doubt captured some of the most legendary whitetail deer hunting footage to ever exist.

We are covering a wide...

Aug 9, 2021

Chapter 4: REPOST: Last weeks upload had issues making it to some of the podcast hosting sites. If you have already listened we will catch you Friday with a new release. If you have not enjoy!

Thanks for listening!

Aug 6, 2021

Chapter 4. This weeks episode features taxidermist and deer hunting enthusiast Nathan Killen.

No stone is left unturned in the forth chapter of the Rompola Buck series. Nathan's experience and professionalism as a taxidermist bring a special eye and a special skill set to the conversation revolving around the potential...